Magic’s Genesis: The Grey by Rosaire Bushey

Synopsis: Wynter is a crazed ex-assassin. Lydria is the daughter of a kingdom soldier. Each has a mystical sphere that has unleashed the power of magic into the world of Eigrae. But this new power does not come easily – it demands a physical price from those who use it, and Wynter is not averseContinue reading “Magic’s Genesis: The Grey by Rosaire Bushey”

April’s Most Anticipated Books in 2020

A good con story with a twisty plot and an unpredictable ending. It is incredible and mesmerizing. It contains dark slippery secrets that will leave you wanting more. Pretty things by Janelle Brown is a psychological thriller, it is suspense filled and awesome. Janelle Brown is a New York Times bestselling author of Watch MeContinue reading “April’s Most Anticipated Books in 2020”

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