Publication Date: April 14th, 2020 Series: Stones of Power (Book 1) Genre: Supernatural, Dark fantasy, Horror. Book Blurb For her, it’s her late grandma’s legacy. For him, the mother of all black arts spoils, granting one demon the power of a God. Immortality.


Publication Date: May 7th, 2020 Genre: Epic fantasy, Young Adult, Adventure. Series Name: Prince of Aselvia (Book 1) Book Blurb How much will they risk to save a soul? “It is said that Darkness is empty and whatever vanishes into its depths is lost forever. I know this better than anyone. For I have sufferedContinue reading “MoonScript”

The Shield of Nike

Publication Date: January 12th, 2019 Publisher: Sea Ink Press Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Greek Mythology Series: War on the gods, companion story (book 1) Book Description The Greek gods are real, and they’ve come back with a vengeance. Valeria is in love with her best friend, Greg, and has been for years. But they can’tContinue reading “The Shield of Nike”

The King of May

Publication Date: May 10th, 2018 Genres: Dark fantasy, Post-apocalyptic Book Description To My Suffering Angels, How strong you are, how resolute and brave, wading in the mire of darkness, and how very far you’ve come. We so despise the darkness because we’re taught to look away from it. We lost the ability to comprehend darkness,Continue reading “The King of May”


Published: December 6th, 2016. Genre: Fantasy Fiction Book Description. In Aaron Key’s extraordinary and intriguing first novel a mysterious all-powerful being watches the unfolding stories of two alternative realities he has created. In one reality, an acquaintance of this being has placed himself in the world. His presence affects the story in the most significantContinue reading “Herai”

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