Books of the Month: April Wrap-Up

Hello guys! First of all, i want to say Happy New Month to all the readers, writers, authors, aspiring authors, literary agents, and publishers all over the world. Today is a great day and thank God we made it. How was the month of April for you? In this lockdown season, it has been aContinue reading “Books of the Month: April Wrap-Up”

Book Series to Read During This Quarantine Period

Everyone loves a good series and when we fall in love with a particular character in a series, we never seem to forget them too easily. You know when a series is very interesting when it becomes really hard to put down, when you end up sitting on a particular spot and saying to yourselfContinue reading “Book Series to Read During This Quarantine Period”

First Book That Turned Me To A Reader

Hey guys! Once again welcome to Digital Kindle Bookworm. The love for reading is something i inculcated over the years. Once upon a time I wasn’t a reader, but now i read. You do read right? If you don’t, it’s never too late to open those pages. I started reading during the year 2010 andContinue reading “First Book That Turned Me To A Reader”

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