Book Blitz: Requiem by Emily Shore

Book Details Title: Requiem Author: Emily Shore Series: Roseblood, #3 Publication date: July 13th 2020 Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult Synopsis TWILIGHT meets GAME OF THRONES There is no rest for Reina Caraway. After a new foe arrives in Le Couvènte, he wipes the young Queen’s memory and transports her to Germany where she lands right in theContinue reading “Book Blitz: Requiem by Emily Shore”

Marly In Pieces by Cathrina Constantine: Book Blitz

Book & Author Details:Title: Marly in PiecesAuthor: Cathrina ConstantinePublication date: July 10th 2020Genres: Mystery, Young Adult Synopsis Marly refuses to believe her friend, Rae, committed suicide. Even though her wrists were slit, Marly knows her beautifully vibrant bestie would never do that. Even though the two had drifted apart, Marly and Rae made a blood promise longContinue reading “Marly In Pieces by Cathrina Constantine: Book Blitz”

Kaps by Christina Bauer: Book Blitz and Giveaway

Book Title: KapsAuthor: Christina BauerSeries: Angelbound Offspring book 5Published by: Monster House BooksPublication date: June 30th 2020Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult Synopsis Sometimes, you just have to punch a shape-shifting vampire Nazi. Like tonight, for instance. Meet Princess Kaps: renegade, dragon shifter, and general pain in her royal parent’s backsides. Although Kaps pretends to love rock and roll, she’sContinue reading “Kaps by Christina Bauer: Book Blitz and Giveaway”

The Redpoint Crux: Book Blitz

Book Details Title: The Redpoint CruxAuthor: Morgan ShamyPublished by: Parliament HousePublication date: June 9th 2020Genres: Contemporary, Mystery, Young Adult Synopsis When Megan Van Helsburg gets kicked off the U.S.A. Climbing Team, she has no choice but to return home and leave her climbing career behind. With no coach, no money, and no prospects, she joins the corps de ballet determinedContinue reading “The Redpoint Crux: Book Blitz”

Monster Academy by Catherine Banks: Book Reveal

Book Details Title: Monster AcademyAuthor: Catherine BanksPublication date: June 2nd 2020Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult Synopsis They thought they’d have it easy being monster elites, but these three best friends still have to deal with pop quizzes, crushes, and even worse…humans. Frances Stein, Loralie Reaper, and Tsukiko Okami just want to play games and relax after their classes.Continue reading “Monster Academy by Catherine Banks: Book Reveal”

Calla by Christina Bauer: Book Reveal

Book Details Book Title: CallaAuthor: Christina BauerSeries: Pixieland Diaries book 2Publication date: July 28th 2020Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult Synopsis Big news in Pixieland! The Blue Fairy is sending our fave pixie, Calla, and her crush, Dare, on a mini-quest. Unfortunately it’s an adventure that requires a lot of togetherness. We’re talking tons of touching, people. Blue believes thatContinue reading “Calla by Christina Bauer: Book Reveal”

The Dark Awakening by D.L. Blade: Book Blitz and Giveaway

Book Details Title: The Dark AwakeningAuthor: D.L. BladeSeries: Chosen Coven Book 1Publication Date: October 2nd 2018Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult Synopsis Get ready for a new kind of witch—she’s about to save humanity. Haunting secrets, witches, vampires, werewolves, love, betrayal, & twists you won’t see coming! Mercy’s life has devolved into a string of bad events. A brutalContinue reading “The Dark Awakening by D.L. Blade: Book Blitz and Giveaway”

Lyrics and Curses by Candace Robinson: Book Reveal and Giveaway

Book Details Title: Lyrics & CursesAuthor: Candace Robinson Published by: Filles Vertes PublishingPublication date: November 10th 2020Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult Synopsis Lark Espinoza could get lost in her music—and she’s not so sure anyone in her family would even care to find her. Her trendy, party-loving twin sister and her mother-come-lately Beth, who’s suddenly sworn off men and ontoContinue reading “Lyrics and Curses by Candace Robinson: Book Reveal and Giveaway”

Warrior Saints by Carla Thorne: Book Blitz and Giveaway

Book Details Book Title: Warrior Saints – CreatorAuthor: Carla ThorneSeries: Stonehaven Academy Saints, book 1Publication date: April 17th 2020Genres: Fantasy, Supernatural, Young Adult Synopsis “Hello. My name is Mary Antonia Hunter, and I picked up the snake.”Strange days have come to the halls of Stonehaven Academy.From brutal fights in the supernatural realm with a demon-like presence, to battlingContinue reading “Warrior Saints by Carla Thorne: Book Blitz and Giveaway”

Malachi, Ruse Master by Pamela Schloesser Canepa: Book Blitz

Book & Author Details Malachi, Ruse Master by Pamela Schloesser CanepaSeries: A Detours in Time Character Spin-off, book 3Publication date: April 23rd 2020Genres: Mystery, New Adult, Young Adult Synopsis: Duplicity is Mike’s first nature. If you want to know what he’s doing with his life, just ask, but don’t expect the truth. You may not even be gettingContinue reading “Malachi, Ruse Master by Pamela Schloesser Canepa: Book Blitz”

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