About Me

Victory I. Davies

Welcome to my blog. It’s nice to meet you. First of all, I’m a computer scientist, a web designer, an avid reader, and a book reviewer. Feel free to send me friend requests on Goodreads if we have books in common or even if we don’t, I love making new friends.

The first book that really turned me into a reader was COFFEEHOUSE ANGEL (I would never forget you baby) and Robert Langdon series (Amazziiinnng). Although I read about anything and everything that piques my interest, I have a few favorite genres:

📓Historical fiction 📓
📓Fantasy 📓
📓Young Adult 📓
📓Mystery and crime thrillers 📓
📓Paranormal 📓
📓Horror 📓

There you have it. Simple huh? Cool! 

Care to know what I do?
  • Graphics Design
  • UI/UX Designer
Featured Book Reviewer
  • Book Reviewer
  • Social Media Manager
Professional Reader

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