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Book Blitz: Requiem by Emily Shore

Book Details

Title: Requiem

Author: Emily Shore

Series: Roseblood, #3

Publication date: July 13th 2020

Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult



There is no rest for Reina Caraway. After a new foe arrives in Le Couvènte, he wipes the young Queen’s memory and transports her to Germany where she lands right in the middle of an ages-old clan war.

Between advanced training of her creator abilities, Council meetings, typical territorial disputes, and wedding planning, Reina is looking forward to rest. Rest that won’t come. 

When a mysterious stranger arrives in Le Couvènte and succeeds in erasing Reina’s memory, he abducts her to Germany, landing her right in the middle of three powerful vampire clans. With flashbacks haunting her, Reina longs for something familiar even if it leads her to a dark, roguish vampire intent on seducing her. 

Desperate to find his Queen and sister, Heath goes undercover as a spy for the conniving, Calabria, leader of the second most powerful clan with eyes on the highest clan throne. Meanwhile, Reina attracts the attention of the top clan leader, Marius, who is determined to claim her and her blood. But warring clans are the least of her concerns compared to a demonic vampire hellbent on devouring the creator Queen and her infinite powers. 

Queen Reina’s trials take a dark and deadly turn in Requiem, the third installment in the Roseblood Series. After her downfall, will she rise from the ashes? 

Book Trailer


The door closed. A moment later, the vampire approached. Little by little, his chill encroached onto mine. Thanks to the blindfold, I didn’t realize how close he was until his finger gently touched the underside of my chin, tempting, coaxing until he’d tilted my face up to his satisfaction.

“You are much younger than I expected. But then again, I suppose the prophecy did dictate eighteen.”

What did he know of the prophecy? It was a closely guarded Le Couvènte secret. Even I had never seen the book that contained the answer to my throne, the answer to my life.

“Hmm…I always believed greatness lay embedded in your brother. But we are all wrong at some points.”

“Mistakes make you human,” I mocked him, wishing I could read his expression.

“Yes, spirited. Just like your mother. But with some of your father’s control.”

His voice carried an intimacy, a closeness, an awareness from beyond…beyond my birth.

“Since you know so much about me, mind sharing your name?” 

“Moore, Malcolm Moore.” I didn’t recognize his name. Not even references. “You would not know my name, Reina,” he added.

“Who are you?” I asked again, twisting my head to the side as I felt his presence move behind me. “What do you know?”

“Oh, I know many things.”

When his hand seized my neck, it felt like icicles clawing into my skin. I froze, hearing a deep breath escape his mouth. He leaned in until his lips skimmed my upper neck just below my ear.

“I look forward to tasting you,” he whispered, rubbing his mouth along my throat, causing me to shiver, instinctively arching my neck to try and escape. “Your blood could serenade even the strongest of vampires.”

About the Author

Emily Shore is a MN author with a B.A. in Creative Writing from Metro State University and was a grand prize winner of #PitchtoPublication, which led her to working with professionals in the publishing industry. She is signed with Clean Teen Publishing for her anti-trafficking dystopian The Uncaged Series – #1: The Aviary. For every sale, proceeds return to trafficking rescue. She writes in multiple book genres and ultimately strives for strong, female characters.

Over the years, Emily has connected with rescue organizations and trafficking survivors and injects the truths she’s learned into her books. She is a trained awareness speaker and loves speaking on sexual violence and always hopes for more speaking events in schools, churches, and libraries. Please contact her on her website if you are interested in hearing her speak

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